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we create a gourmet dining experience.We strive to make your dining fun and exciting.Our cuisine is influenced by the flavors and styles of many cultures so diners can enjoy savouring different mouth-watering dishes.

Soho and Toscana are Two independent Restaurants on the same premises. In existence since 2004. We have the best clientele from corporates and Individuals, and what’s more important that we have retained them over these past years.

Traditional Favourites

Restaurants Review

I love chiken staters, the best and most dilecious. rest is good. saturday's are best the dj's rock the place. thank you dj for playing my request. cheers.......
Bharat and Nandita

Ambience is very very good food is excellent, good for private parties but normal days servise is very slow. please stop the coupun system it sucks. music
Bharat and Nandita

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