About us

Soho and Toscana are Two independent Restaurants on the same premises. In existence since 2004.

We have the best clientele from corporates and Individuals, and what's more important that we have retained them over these past years. We are highly specialized culinary experts, and tickle your gastronomic palate.

Feel Free to visit us and experience our wide range of cuisine, ranging from Indian, Tandoor, Mughlai, through to Oriental and Italian. Our Bar has the highest quality of Liqour available, and our cocktails and Mocktails will just leave you amazed.

We are a Multi-cuisine restaurant, located in Kalyani Nagar. The main reason of our success is the fact that the Management has over a century of traditional Hospitality services experience backing them.

Our Staff is extremely dedicated and courteous and highly trained. You will find a wide variety of food and beverages, so not only the parent or the child, but the uncle, aunt grand parent or just about any one would get most of the things to eat or drink that their heart desires.

We have a traditional Indian Restaurant called Soho :
Here we serve varied cuisine from the Indian Subcontinent like Balti, Mughlai, Tandoori, Hyderabadi, Maharashtrian, Punjabi and other cuisines, in both the Vegeterian and Non Vegetarian sections.

We also Have a Traditional Italian Restaurant Toscana :
Here we serve exotic Italian Dishes, which will blow your mind.

Our Oriental Kitchen Far East Caters to the oriental type of cuisine giving you a mixture of oriental cuisine, ranging from Chinese to Vietnamese.